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Providing the skills you need to make your product idea a reality.
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Spark Product Innovation

Product Prototyping, Electronic & Software
Design Engineering and Consultancy

Our multi-discipline team can provide you with the skills you need to make your product idea a reality.

Sparkpi excels in high speed digital electronics, analogue design, power electronics, FPGA, DSP and microprocessors. We are also specialists in uP software, embedded firmware, digital filtering and FPGA VHDL coding. The electronics and software can also be packaged in custom casings and enclosures to provide a fully turnkey service (Electronics, Software and Mechanical Engineering).

Our team has worked in a broad range of high reliability industrial sectors and brings those years of experience and expertise to enable your designs.

About Us

Located at the world class Bristol & Bath Science Park, we work together with corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurs to realise their technology product design ideas from prototyping through to production.

Customer Focused

Strong International Network

Our customer focus means you can be assured that we will guide you through the design process, ensuring that your requirements and final product aspirations are met.

We have strong links with China and the Far East and can negotiate, facilitate and ensure the quality of the manufacture of your final product design to allow you to take advantage of the cost saving benefits.

Meet the Team

Over 100 years combined experience.