Product Prototyping

Capturing your design concept
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Electronic Prototyping

Spark Product Innovation can work with you to turn your electronic design concept from an idea to a working prototype, and ultimately to a production ready product.

Our engineers can work with you to help define your exact functional requirements before producing detailed circuit schematics, printed circuit board layout, and mechanical packaging design drawings.


Schematic Design

Our engineers can produce detailed circuit schematics to fulfil your design requirements.

PCB Prototyping

Spark Product Innovation have in-house PBC layout engineering capable of producing anything from rapid prototype evaluation boards through to production ready PCB’s.
Through our network of sub-contractors we can deliver fully populated Single or Double sided boards including surface mount and through-hole components.
Our engineers can advise on the optimum PCB material, copper thickness, layer-stack, surface finish, & solder type for your specific application.

We have extensive experience of single-sided through to more complex multilayer boards utilising various PCB materials such as:

• CEM1-5 boards for low cost, high volume costumer products
• FR4 for commercial & industrial applications
• FR5 for high temperature application up to 170°C
• Polyamide for high temperature extreme temperature applications up to 250°C
• ISM (Insulated Metal Substrate) & Alumina for high power application

Through our network of sub-contracts we can also produce ultra high reliability adesigns for extreme environments (High temperature, shock, vibration, pressure a& humidity) utilising custom semiconductor packaging techniques such as:

• DBC (Direct Bonded Copper)
• Custom die attach methods,
• Custom lead-frames and Bond wire contacts.
• Hermetic MCM (Multi Chip Module) and hybrid

Mechanical Prototyping

Spark Product Innovation can produce detailed mechanical models of electronic assemblies and enclosures.

Using the latest 3D printing technologies Spark Product Innovation can produce a physical model of your product as proof of concept or demonstrator.

Spark Product Innovation also can also design and fabricate complex electronic-mechanical assemblies including:

• Custom motor rotor & stator laminations
• Custom Solenoids & actuators
• Custom liquid or air cooled heatsinks
• Custom electrical cabinet and enclosure design (custom or standard 19” rack mount)
• Custom control & instrumentation panels, including panel machining and engraving.

mechancial prototyping
mechancial prototyping
mechancial prototyping

Modeling and Simulation

Our engineers can model and simulated many aspects of your design including:

• Electrical circuit simulation
• Mathematical modeling
• Thermal dynamics
• Magnetic flux distribution
• Air flow simulation

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